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Managing Director

Liew Sher Vy

Banking & Finance (Wawasan Open University)

Since 2007, Ms. Sher Vy has been in Sales & Marketing industry from major to private company such as Prudential & Mah Sing Group Sdn Bhd. She has more than 10 years’ experience in sales which she is still practicing today and there are more than 40 agents under her guidance. From her experience in Mah Sing Group Sdn Bhd, she has built a strong network with the bankers, agents & lawyers who can support her to provide good quality service to the buyers and investors. 

She was the Team Leader for Cyberjaya project in Mah Sing and was recognized as Top Sales in Central Region 2013. Her experience continued up to date and now she has become the MD of LSV Property Group Sdn Bhd. She is very passionate and sales driven to her job which has inspired most of the people around her to join the company.

Head of Business Development & Prime Leader

Liew Sher Niz

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Marketing (TARuc, Kuala Lumpur)

Ms. Sher Niz is a young & bright entrepreneur and has always been ambitious and passionate towards her career. She is also a registered Real Estate Negotiator (REN) under the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) and has been selected as a Malaysia Top 100 Outstanding Real Estate Agents by Top Corporate Leader in just a year time. Not only that, she is now a team leader and leading a group of ambitious estate agents to strive for success together. She believes that great things in business are never done by one person, but are done by a team of people who dare to believe it.


Maclina Febrine

Administration from TAR College

Starting from 2011, Ms. Maclina Febrine has been in various industry such as legal firms and banking line with 8 years’ experience in accounting and administration. Since joining for 2 years with LSV Property Group Sdn Bhd, she pursues her best in supervising administrative team members and ensure the daily office operations are performed in seamless and efficient manner.

Prime Leader

Grace Koo

Bachelor of Arts (English), graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia, 2001

She started as a property consultant since year 2016 and through her perseverance over the years, she is now a Project Leader for many projects and a Team Leader of a group of passionate estate agents. Being served in various line such as a customer service assistant in a food supply company, a project administrator in a sound & lighting engineering company, an admin executive in an IT company, a project coordinator in an electrical engineering company as her past working experiences educate her to become more successful in property line. It’s an honour and inspiration for her to join LSV Property Group Sdn Bhd for growing together to become an independent and confident career woman.

Team Leader

Zach Zaki

IT & Tourism Management (William Angliss Institute of TAFE Melbourne/Limkokwing University Cyberjaya)

Since 2009, Mr. Zach Zaki has been in various industry from major to private companies. He has more than 6 years’ experience in sales not including experience in other sectors. He has built his network with the high-profile people, business owners & government officials. He only delivers the best product with clients’ best interest in mind and strive to provide excellent service from the start to the end of the buying and selling process. 

He is currently leading a team of bright and young entrepreneur minded individuals as his key sales team shaped in the form of his image and professionalism. He has trained many individuals in the company which gained him the title as Company Trainer due to his expert overview of Cyberjaya in an in-depth way and professional selling skills.

Team Leader


BSc Industrial Design from University of Technology Malaysia (UTM)

Ahmed Soliheen is an experienced registered Real Estate Negotiator with Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) and has been a Project Leader since 2016. He was graduated from University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) in BSc Industrial Design. He started his career with UMW Toyota and subsequently joined Kawasaki Motor Malaysia and KPMG Malaysia focusing on Process Excellence and Project Management for the past 11 years. A certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute and Lean Six Sigma practitioner, he has an excellent track record in managing various type of projects and Clients. 

His belief that entails discipline and depth, combined with strong determination have seen him awarded Best Project Leader award for 2017 and 2018, Top Sales Champion for 2019 and Malaysia Top 100 Outstanding Real Estate Agents for 2020. By combining his passion for property with exceptional sales skills to provide both Developers / sellers and buyers with a positive sales experience, Soliheen is determined in establishing LSV Property Group as an excellent premium brand and reputation as the most reputable agency in the industry.

Team Leader

Audrey Lee

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Finance & Investment (TARuc, Kuala Lumpur)

Ms. Audrey has always been enthusiastic towards her career. She worked as ALGO Trader and Mortgage Specialist few years back. She started her career in property line in the year of 2019 and found her passion in it. She’s also a registered Real Estate Negotiator (REN) under Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA). With her expert banking knowledge, she is happy to help a lot her of clients to get their ideal home. Throughout this process, she is able to find her own value. She also believes that knowledge can change one’s life. “Learn before earn” is her motto to continuously share all the knowledge & professional skills set to her team so that everyone could perform the best.

Pre Leader

Daphne Lim

Chartered Institute of Marketing

Since under graduated degree from Chartered Institute of Marketing, she has explored management and marketing field in years and grown as senior negotiator after joined LSV Property Group Sdn Bhd a year ago. Her mission is to become the most visionary agent in property industry and always challenge herself to not be defeated by any obstacles in this career undertakings. It was a fruitful year and new experience in real estate market. With more experience through the coming years, she is looking forward through it to become a greatest career growth.

Pre Leader

Kien Bok

Tan Chong Technical Institute

Tan Kien Bok (KB), an ambitious Real Estate Agent which is registered under Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) that has been in Real Estate Industry since February 2018 under LSV Property Group Sdn Bhd. After becoming a project leader on November 2018, SMYVC has disposed RM50 Millions of GDV. He was graduated from Tan Chong Technical Institute in June 2016 and started work in Nissan under Tan Chong Motors as a service line technician until February 2018. 

He decided to make a big move to jump out from the automotive industry and joined real estate industry since then. Because of his hard work and determination, he has been awarded for the most Diligent Agent in the Year of 2018. His passion in his job made him a great agent with positive feedbacks from both developers, sellers and buyers. KB is determined in establishing LSV Property Group Sdn Bhd  as a top-notch and reputable agency in the industry.

Pre Leader

Leo Koo

In 2016, he worked as a sales & marketing consultant in a direct sales company that is selling products through online. Since then, he started to learn on how to do sales and marketing effectively from higher knowledge people & business owners. After joining LSV Property Group Sdn Bhd, he continues his career as a sales & marketing consultant and now he has achieved more than 20 million of sales in just a year time. He is still practicing and learning to aim higher achievements together with the team. With his great achievement, he is now nominated as a project leader at a young age.

Pre Leader

Alicia Ong

Diploma in hotel management & Diploma in Travel management (Reliance college)

Since graduated from her diploma, she has gained more than 10 years working experiences in various lines from F&B, banking, sales & marketing industry that has polished her with good selling skill and how to provide good customer service to client. In Sept 2017, she has joined LSV property group and found passion in this real estate industry. She has been promoted as a pre-leader with her positive attitude and determination to achieve higher goals in this career. She is looking forward to grow together with the company and strive for success together with the team.

Pre Leader

Joanne Ng

After her SPM graduation, she was working as a beautician in a Beauty Salon and she found out that she wasn’t happy as she was tied up average 12 hours per day with a salary that she wasn’t satisfied. Hence, she has decided to jump out as a Real Estate Negotiator and joined LSV Property Group in year 2020 to challenge herself to achieve financial & time freedom. She also has promoted to a Team Executive in only just a year time while learning a lot of property knowledge and became a professional with the help from her leaders Sher Niz & Audrey as well as her team members. 

Besides of all these achievements, she has also found her passion in this industry and really grateful that she was given a good direction as it was not easy for a young lady like her to have such great achievements. Therefore, she has promised herself to set higher goals & achieve higher dreams here in LSV Property Group.


Tyng Zheng

Culinary Arts (Cilantro Culinary Academy, Subang Jaya)

Tyng Zheng also known as ‘Tz’, has 4 years’ experience in different lines of F&B Industry such as hotels, cafes, restaurants and school’s canteen before he’s into real estate industry.  In year 2019, he has decided to leave F&B industry and worked as an office admin meanwhile has also joined LSV Property Group as a part-timer at the same time. On June 2020, he has decided to be a full-timer to challenge himself, jump out of his comfort zone and try his very best to absorb and do whatever he has as property line is a professional & challenging industry. 

He gets to know this company through her leader Sher Niz & appreciates that the company has given him a lot of resources so that he’s able to succeed faster compared to joining in other real estate companies.  Hence in only just 3 months’ time, he has promoted to a Team Executive and he was very surprised with his results. With all his current achievements, he has also found his passion in this industry as he believes that this industry will definitely be able to lead him to financial & time freedom. 

He promised himself to continue break through to become one of the top negotiators in the company and inspired to be a great Team Leader in the future.

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